Friday, April 9, 2010

TV For All

So I've watched a few odd TV shows lately. Some were not only odd, but simply ODD, as odd (and possibly as innovative) as sliced bread. MTV seems to have a lot of this list, one can only guess why.

From G's To Gents
This show takes "G's" better known as "Gangstaz" and tries to transform them into "Gents" better known as "normal people".

The Girls of Hedsor Hall
Similar to From G's to Gents, yet with girls. Their activities range from bird shearing, to eating foods they don't like... Those are things that I of course am quite adept in.

16 and Pregnant
Like the title says, a bunch of 16 year olds who all seem to ecstatic they are having children. Set in midwest America, the show just asks for laughter directed toward these people.

Real Housewives of Whereever
Catfights, shoes, other drama is pretty much what this show is all about.

A Shot at Love
Why does she never pick the one I want her to pick?

Jersey Shore
I like to call it "J-Sho". I bet all that gel substitutes for a helmet on thier heads.

Flavour of Love
An oldie, but a goodie. I now know what a guy with a big clock-on-a-chain likes, thanks for the life changing knowledge.

More To Love
The bachelor for plus sizers, while I don't understand why the segregation is needed, I genuinely liked this show.

Whatever show you choose, just make sure you know where the remote is, you know... for emergency channel switching.

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    need to check that mawfacker out.