Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Box is a Box is a Box

Everyone has boxes lying around, whether they be decorative boxes, or packing boxes, wooden boxes, or cardboard boxes, everyone has some. Now if you're not a box connoisseur like I am, you may be wondering what to do with so many boxes.

Build a Fort.
Like the show "Out of the Box" make a box fort. You take one box, and put it with another...

Live in it.
They're cozy, and you can probably find one just the right size to fit you.

Befriend it.
Not on facebook, but in real life. Boxes make great friends, and they come in every shape and size, don't discriminate!

Put Things in it.
If you have nothing else to do with your box, you might as well use it for storage. I will warn you though, very few people resort to this option, do not be surprised when you get wierd looks if you tell people this is what you do with your box.

Make a New Box.
You could just cut up an old box, and recycle it into a different shaped box (like a cheese shaped box).

Decorate it.
You can decorate your box with pretty stickers, and colours of all sorts, just make sure to ask your box if it minds the decorations before hand.

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