Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Roy G. Biv

All things are just better when they are colourful (some are not), but probably not accepted as a norm if coloured.

As you can see from the picture right there, bacon can be coloured.  I also assume that the colour effects the taste - for the better that is.  Bacon is amazing as it is, why not have it in pink?

Now I have no idea why people are against dyeing kittens.  In non toxic dye of course, maybe even dye them with kool-aid.  They are fuzzy, and whats funner than a fuzzy lime green meow box?

Yes, lets all get grossed out now.  But apparently poo comes in many different colours, except this time, you actually don't want any colour other than brown.  I came across some site that explained poo colours, and lets just say you should probably call the doctor if you manage to pass some white poo.

Am I treading on the edge of conversational norms yet?  I came across some coloured ones the other day, and thought to myself "whats the point?", still no answer to that, but why not, right?

They are named brownies.  They have to be brown...or do they?  Why not make some pinkies?  orangies?  purpleies.... I think coloured brownies would be amazing.

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