Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Does your desk chair (or sitting chair, or bean bag chair) have wheels, but no lock on the wheels? Mine does, and with sub par laminate flooring, it can get really annoying sometimes:

Wind is my enemy.
My desk is beside a window, I feel like if I open my window, and a gust of wind comes into my room, I'd just start rolling away because the chair wheels have a mind of their own.

When I sit down, I want to sit down, not roll away.
Unless I sit down on my chair in a gingerly manner (and not just plop on like I usually do), the chair rolls backwards at the moment of sitting. I'd normally be fine with this, but when I'm all in essay mode, I don't want to roll away from my desk, it just gives me an excuse to not do homework.

A rolly chair however, also has its pros:

I never have to walk.
I have legs, but why use them when I have wheels? I just give myself a nice push away from the desk, and I'm at my bookshelf.

I have the option of rolling down a hill.
I can't wait for summer. Me, my chair, and a nice steep (but soft) hill.

My bed also has wheels that don't lock, but thats a whole another story in itself.

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