Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So as it currently stands I don't think I'll ever get a paying job. While I plan to strike against my no-job situation, I've also figured out my dream jobs:

Mattress Tester.
There is no such thing as too bouncy, too fluffy, too weirdly shaped, or too colourful.

Secret Shopper.
Buy shoes, and cakes, shoes made out of cakes, and make the staff of the store miserable? Sign me up.

Food Tester.
Why yes Prince I'mtooscaredtoeatmyownfoodfirstbecausesomeoneistryingtopoisonme, I will indeed taste all the forms of cheese you own.

Soap Smeller.
Someone must be doing this somewhere, why not me?

This one is legit.

Gold Digger.
No, I mean a real person who goes out in the world with a shovel digging for gold.

Colour Namer.
Someone must have come up with "mauve" and "azure", I can leave my mark in the world via "lompy" - a shade of orangey green.

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