Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Times Later

I can now say I experienced what I call "Blog Block", similar to writers block, but much more important. Now that I have found something worth blogging about, here goes... again.

As much as I liked stories with princesses, and ball gowns as a child, I like something better. I like stories with a supposed bad ass. Stories where the good guy was a rule breaker, a maverick in a sense (republicans ruined that word for me, but it applies here). I liked it when heroes did things their way with no regards for the law, they kicked ass, took names, got the girl, and won my heart.

Robin Hood.
Stealing from the rich? Check.
Giving to the poor? Check.
Totally awesome weapon/fighting style? Check.
A band of merry men? Check.
Bad assery level: 10

Sherlock Holmes.
Solving crimes? Check.
Outsmarting cops? Check.
Incredibly clever? Check.
Watson? Check.
Bad assery level: 10

Super powers? Check.
Nonchalant? Check.
X-Men? Check.
Totally digs Jean Grey? Check.
Bad assery level: 10

Scooby Doo and Shaggy
Terrific twosome? Check.
Scooby snacks? Check.
Meddling kids? Check.
A ballin' shaggin' wagon? Check.
Bad assery level: 20 (10 each)

Who were your childhood heroes?


  1. This list is full of so much bad assery! I love it.

    The musical Oklahoma ruined the word maverick for really means wandering unbranded cow. So during the entire election I couldn't help but want to moo every time I saw the Rep. candidates. -_-

  2. I hate "blog block" - so frustrating! I hope you're out of it now though :) x