Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flaky can be a good thing.

Sunburns, dandruff and wishy washy people can all be annoying, but when you are faced with a bad flake, you might as well get a good flake.

Flakes are chocolate bars made by Cadbury UK. When I say chocolate bars, I hardly mean your daily run of the mill chocolate bar. Flakes are made with the utmost care and should be eaten thus so.
Flakes were discovered in the 1920's and their goodness has only evolved into perfection from there. They were around in the UK,and Ireland since forever, and have just recently (2008) been discovered lurking around in Canadian stores.

You feel the aura of a Flake the second you open the wrapping. There is no seal so to speak of as if to let the freshness intermingle with the atmosphere and let it grow in flavour. When you take it out of the package you can instantly see the workmanship that went into making a Flake flakey. Breaking or biting a piece of is like touching heaven itself, and when it melts in your mouth surely you reach a bliss no other can bring you to.

Flakes come in all different shapes and sizes, they have been spotted in easter egg sizes, and various flavours like Flake Snow - White Flake Chocolate, Orange Flake - Orange flavoured Flake (available only in South Africa).

If you're not already in a country where flakes are widespread, it is highly recommended that you move to one where they are accessible in the wild.

(all info and picture thanks to wikipedia)

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